THE RAVEN ROOM: The Raven Room Trilogy: Book One


I’m here. Again. How can I stay away? 

As I walk down this narrow corridor, I caress the blood-red walls with my open palm and I can feel the energy of the place course through my body. This is the secret. The big secret all who come here have to protect if we want to die and be reborn through our desires. I’m afraid. Afraid I’m depraved. Afraid solitude is all I’m ever meant to feel.

It’s dark. Warm. Sounds of pleasure, sounds of pain, echo around me and I close my eyes. The air in here is different from anywhere else. It’s full. Heavy. I can taste it. The taste of unleashed sexual appetite. I kneel myself at the feet of it all, like a faithful lover. It energizes me. I don’t have to pretend to be that other person anymore, the one who survives in the outside world. Here is where I come to forget. To let go. Here is where I come to be alive. I enter the room and she’s already here. Naked. While her body carries the scars we both have come to love, I carry her scars within me. In my soul. They are ours. The crimson glow of the light embraces her body like I never will. It comforts me. It makes her crave what’s to come. I touch her and the sensation of her skin against my fingertips sends a shiver down my spine. Our eyes meet. A dark prelude. I’m inside of her and while we move together, gasps and sighs escaping our lips, we both know there’s honesty in the gift we present each other with. She allows me to be myself, and I’m weak when I’m being strong. That’s where the beauty of trust lies.

I hurt her. She hurts me.

I kill her. She kills me.

We have never met before. We are strangers.